Wow Events

Wow Events

When GREAT is not enough!

Do you have friends, family, customers, wanna-be customers where a “really great” event or token of appreciation is just not enough? We understand. Anyone can book a Caribbean cruise or dinner at a 5 Star resort. Although that may be a GREAT event, it is not a WOW event. A WOW event specializes in “over-the-top”, once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Try attending a Space Shuttle launch with Neal Armstrong, drive racecars with Johnny Rutherford, Danica Patrick, Richard Petty, eat dinner and spend the evening reminiscing with 3 generations of Dallas Cowboys. We go all over the world to live out these one-time experiences. Each WOW event is customized to your desired feel and vibe. Be prepared to have every detail attended to as your WOW factor redlines. What makes an event go from great to WOW? Contact us and we will show you how!

What people are saying

Wow Events, I would like to convey my appreciation to everyone in your company for their outstanding efforts in making our outing a fantastic success. Our customers are luxury brand car companies and our company goal is to provide 1st class service every day to our customers. Although that should be the goal of every company, it is becoming harder to find so when you do experience it, you want to make sure you recognize it. That is why I am writing this letter. The five gentlemen that participated in the event are very much accustomed to quality customer service and each one of them emailed me during and shortly after the drive to say, and I quote from each of them, “Awesome.” Another quote was, “without question it was a first class experience.” From greeting them in the parking lot to saying goodbye, they had only praise for the way they were taken care of and treated. Anything they wanted, you were able to deliver. Thank you so much for making me look good and for delivering on more than I expected. You and your company are the best.

Shannon Taylor

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