FAQ Skills Teen

FAQ Skills Teen

Q: What do the students do all day?

A: Here is the itinerary for the SKILLS classes:
*** Cell phones are not permitted ***
8:30am – 9:00am      Registration & Instructor Introductions
9:00am – 12:00pm    Driving Exercises
12:00pm – 1:00pm    Lunch & Vehicle Dynamics Talk in SAMSUNG Media Center
1:00pm – 3:30pm      Driving Exercises continue
3:30pm – 4:00pm      Parents Welcome to come watch the last exercise at the Parent Corral
4:00pm – 4:15pm      Awards Ceremony
4:15pm                     Additional Modules begin, Corvette Rides, “Ask Instructor”

Q: Where is Texas Motor Speedway and where do I go once I get there?

A: Texas Motor Speedway is located at the intersection of 114 and 35W in Fort Worth, Texas, about 12 miles west of the DFW airport. Take the 2nd entrance into TMS and this road will lead you directly through the South Tunnel and to the Infield (Gate #8). A security guard will have a TMS waiver for you to sign and then you can enter the Infield. Drive in through the South Tunnel entrance following the sign for the Media Center. Park at the Samsung Media Center located behind the Hot Rod’s Bar and Grill.

Q: What if it rains or bad weather?

A: We run rain or shine.  If there is danger in the area, such as winds, lightning, etc…we will take safety precautions until it passes.  The best teaching tool is rain----so, feel fortunate if you are able to take the class in wet conditions!

Q: How old must my child be and what permits/license is required?

A: Students need to be a minimum of 15 years old and in possession of a valid Learner’s Permit.  They do not have to have their Driver’s License.  We like for them to have some “seat time” in a car, as this day is aggressive and not structured for “first time in a car” participant!

Q: Does the SKILLS Teen course count as a Drivers Ed school? As in, would the course be sufficient to obtain a driver's license?

A: No, Skills Teen School does not allow the participant to obtain a state driver's license or learner's permit. Our Skills Teen course is designed to teach accident avoidance exercises that are not taught in a traditional driver's education class.  Where traditional driver's education teaches "rules of the road", SKILLS Teen School allows 6 hours of behind-the-wheel accident avoidance exercises, with professional drivers teaching "cause and effect".  SKILLS is a fun and interactive day that will increase new drivers' knowledge of potential accident situations and the best way to handle and avoid dangerous situations that can occur on today's roads. SKILLS is an advanced, supplemental course that is highly recommended for new drivers.

Q: Will I get an insurance deduction?

A: Every insurance company is different.  Your teen will be presented with a Certificate of Completion at the end of the day.  This certificate may be turned into your company/agent for additional possible discounts.  Some companies give credit for additional drivers training and some do not.  Regardless, your teen has gained numerous accident avoidance skills and will undoubtedly save a deductable at some point!

Q: What else will we receive?

A: Besides a Certificate of Completions and driving SKILLS for life, each student will be graded and critiqued throughout the day.  About 7 days after the class, each parent will receive an e-grade card summarizing the teens’ progression and improvement levels for their day.  If you have any questions about the critiques or comments, please call our office for further discussion, as it is our desire that you have a clear understanding as to how your teen performed and what they need to work on.

Q: How long is the SKILLS class?

A: Approximately 8.5 hours, from 8:30 – 4:30. Lunch is included.

Q: How many people will there be in my class?

A: Ranges from 20-30.

Q: How are the exercises conducted?

A: You will be behind the wheel, executing accident avoidance exercises.  Each of the 7 exercises will have a specific goal and message.  These exercises will increase awareness and create the skills necessary to avoid dangerous situations.

Q: May I bring my family and friends?

A: No, this day will be very busy involving technical driving exercises. We will need your full attention. However, your family and friends may come around 3:00 pm to watch your last exercise.

Q: Can I stay all day and watch my Teen?

A: No.  We will be really busy with your child teaching very technical material behind the wheel.  We will need for them to focus on the new skills they are learning.  You are more than welcome to come back at 3:00 pm and see how much progress they have made during the day.  Also, make sure you enroll in the SKILLS Parent/Teen Driving Challenge to compete for your school’s best score!

Q: What does my Teen need to wear/bring?

A: We will make them comfortable all day.  Lunch and all day beverages are included.  Please have them dress weather-appropriate.  Although they will be in the cars 90% of the day, there will be times when they are outside, in a safe area.  Please, no sandals/flip flops. Tennis shoes are best.  Also, all cell phones will be banned until lunch, where they will have 30 minutes to catch up, if necessary.

Q: What time do I pick my child up, and where?

A: Your child will be finished at approximately 4:15pm, following the awards ceremony, which is held in the media center (same building registration took place).