Skills Teen Driving School

Skills Teen Driving School

The SKILLS Teen Driving School, is a one or two-day driving course that gives teens the knowledge and experience to succeed in emergency situations. Both educational and fun, SKILLS goes beyond the scope of traditional Drivers Ed programs to teach teens accident avoidance. With car accidents being the #1 killer of teenagers today, The SKILLS Teen School is a must for new drivers.

In a safe, closed venue at Texas Motor Speedway, SKILLS instructors teach correct responses to real-life driving scenarios, such as rain/ice skidding, tailgating, wheels off the road, and utilization of the ABS braking system. Students spend the day mastering these techniques behind the wheel!

After completing the SKILLS Teen School, teenage drivers gain confidence, awareness, and the experience necessary to survive today's dangerous roads. Driver's Ed was never like this


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What people are saying

I must praise you for your teachings, patients, and your kindness. As you know, Amanda was involved in a major roll-over accident as a passenger, lost her little sister to a fatal car accident, and to top it off spun out in morning traffic in downtown while driving her mother to the doctor 2 weeks before your class. Needless to say she was a bit spooked to drive. Your Day 1 class, gave her the confidence and skills she needed to control herself and drive safely. She even shares what she has learned with her friends, and they are all better driver because of it. But, the BIG test came about 3 weeks after that day. She drove to the doctors alone, in morning traffic in downtown Dallas, again. She got a little lost. But, rather than use her cell phone while driving, she pulled into a parking lot, stopped, and called. I'm not sure I can honestly say I'd even do that! Now she has been through day 2 of your class and she enjoyed both days greatly! Her mother and I are not concerned with her driving skills in the least bit! We have a 14 yr old boy that will be attending when it's time for him to drive! Your school is WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THEN SOME! YOU CAN'T PUT A PRICE ON PIECE OF MIND!

Marc Mynxx

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